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Mechanical separation of complex biologicals often requires a combination of speed, sterility and gentle handling.  When these are needed, Marin Scientific Development Company offers a variety of tools with designs that make them easy to use together or individually.

For sterile vacuum filtration of buffers, biologicals, small volumes and filtration and hold applications, see our VACUMax products.  Increase efficiency using the Vacuum Cradle which both holds the disposable filtration units hands-free during use and automatically connects the vacuum.  For dramatic increase in flow and speed to final product with complex biological solutions, combine these two products with HarvestMax products.

When a filter is needed to maintain a closed-system for sampling or liquid handling, MSDC offers many options.  ERGO-Carboys come with caps that can be fitted with vent filters and tubing.  XpressVent collapsible containers come pre-fit with both tubing and vents.  OPTI-Tubes are complete assemblies that arrive sterile, with vents and dip tube for off-the-shelf sterile sample handling, transfer and storage.

Filtering biological products to sterility often requires significant filter area and usually requires a series of both depth and membrane filters.  Enclosed pleated membrane capsules are prohibitively expensive, have high hold up volumes and require a pump, all of which is impractical for most lab environments.  Additionally, enclosed pleated membrane capsules require up and downstream equipment and expertise along with the dangers of running a closed system under pressure.  Alternatively, low membrane surface area of traditional disposable vacuum filtration systems make through put small even though they are easy-to-use and inexpensive.

The 2016 introduction of Marin Scientific Development Company’s HarvestMax line of products combined the efficiencies of pleated depth filtration with the convenience, safety, speed and ease of use of the ubiquitous laboratory vacuum filter unit. With options which include an upstream hold-up reducer and coarse nominal pre-filter, the possibility of one-step clarification-to-final-product in a single-step is now reality.