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HarvestMax One-Step Cell Harvest Clarification

HarvestMax is used for the prefiltration and clarification of difficult-to-filter cell culture harvests, conditioned media, and bioreactor productions. These filters will dramatically reduce the premature fouling of standard vacuum membrane filters caused by CHO, hybridoma, and 293 harvests at high cell density and/or low cell viability. HarvestMax can accelerate your workflow by eliminating the time-consuming centrifugation step, and costly use of multiple vacuum filter units due to fouling.

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The patent pending design of the HarvestMax features a pleated depth media that provides massive surface area and graded density retention to enhance the performance of traditional bottle-top filters. Dead cells and cell culture components are efficiently removed.

HarvestMax can be used with standard bottle-top filters, but it can also be purchased as a complete assembly with the our VACUMax filter and storage bottle. HarvestMax one-step harvest filters may be further customized for your application by tailoring the choice of pre-filter material and its nominal retention characteristics to enhance filtration performance.

For added efficiency, add our VacuumCradle ring stand manifold for hands-free operation and high-throughput processing of multiple harvests simultaneously. Need a closed-system reservoir for your larger-scale productions? See our pre-sterilized XpressVent disposable vented, collapsible, recyclable, LDPE containers that can be directly connected to a HarvestMax unit.

  • Available in 0.1µ, 0.2µ or 0.45µ PES
  • Can eliminate the need for centrifugation
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HarvestMax One-Step Harvest Filter Applications

  • Clarification
  • Pre-filtration, or sterilization of hard-to-filter harvests
  • Conditioned media
  • Cell & bacterial cultures
  • Hybridoma cultures
  • Bioreactor and shake flask productions
  • And many more laboratory preparations

VACUMax Filter Features

  • Compatible with most standard 1 L standard bottle-top filter units or use with our VACUMax product
  • VACUMax product available in 0.1µ, 0.2µ or 0.45µ PES filtration membrane
  • Different sizes available for common shake flask and bioreactor harvest volumes: 50 ml, 0.25L, 1L, and 5L
  • Bio-compatible polycarbonate plastic resin construction with low leachables and low protein binding
  • Eliminates the need for centrifugation
  • Use our HarvestMax 3-Place Manifold to run up three HarvestMax units at once
  • Stand can support 15ml and 50 ml preps

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