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OPTI-Tube Sterile Sampling Assembly

Small-volume Sterile Sampling with Closed Vessel Centrifuge Tubes

An OPTI-Tube sterile sampling assembly is a single use device for cell culture sampling.  OPTI-Tube allows easy sterile access for small volume sterile handling, while maintaining a sterile environment. Standard sterile sampling centrifuge tubes commonly used in the laboratory are enhanced by integrating ports and venting into their caps.  These features then facilitate the use for various other applications like filtration, storage, sampling and additions.  OPTI-Tube sampling assembly style caps can also be added to any 15ml or 50ml centrifuge tube containers commonly found in the lab.  
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OPTI-Tube Sterile Sampling Assembly Usage Procedure

The OPTI-Tube sterile sampling assembly is easy to use, just remove the OPTI-Tube from its sterile container and its immediately ready for use.  It is recommended that a laminar flow hood environment be used if a tubing welder is not available.

OPTI-Tube Sterile Sampling Assembly Applications

The OPTI-Tube sterile sampling assembly provides premium fluid handling for a wide variety of applications, some of which include:
  • Mini-production
  • Process development
  • Sampling
  • Additions
  • Seedings
  • Transfers
  • Cell banking
  • Stem cells
  • Bioburden & contamination control of specimens
  • And many more

OPTI-Tube Sterile Sampling Assembly Features

OPTI-Tube Datasheet

The OPTI-Tube sterile sampling assembly provides numerous beneficial features:
  • Low-cost sampling system
  • Eliminates expensive sampling methods
  • Samples can be pulled by syringe vacuum
  • Luer or barb connection ports
  • Enables maintenance of a “closed system” during sample manipulation
  • OPTI-Tube eliminates need to remove caps during sampling
  • Dip tube allows for maximum recovery of fluids
  • Suitable for low pressure, gravity feed or pump transfer of media and buffers
  • OPTI-Tube products can be provided irradiated or non-irradiated
  • All SeptaVent™ products can be provided irradiated or non-irradiated
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