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SeptaVent Spin-Tubes

Various containers commonly used in laboratory fluid handling systems may be enhanced by integrating a septum and filter for venting into their cap. The septum facilitates the use of various syringes, pipettes or cannula for sterile extractions and additions.  This unique approach which utilizes a non-slitted or pre-slitted septum allows for cost effective robotic automation.  It works in conjunction with all custom and standard robotic liquid handling systems.  SeptaVent Spin-Tubes can be added to most readily available containers commonly found in the lab.

Single-Use, Vented Spin-Tubes with Septums for Fluid Handling.

SeptaVent Spin-Tubes are a novel integration of two common technologies into a single device.  The cap septum device allows for easy access to your test fluids.  When combined with membrane venting on a disposable container, SeptaVent fluid handling systems allows for easy access and small volume fluid handling, while maintaining a sterile and uncompromised environment essential for automated cell culture.  

Need a closed vessel just for sampling?
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Each SeptaVent fluid handling systems cap has a central pre-slit septum which allows for easy access into the Spin-Tube.  In addition, the integrated vent filter allows for gas-exchange that provides a suitable environment for cell growth.  Furthermore, the SeptaVent fluid handling system is also known as a “thin-tube” device.  The combination of these features into one makes the SeptaVent Spin-Tube an ideal single-use bioreactor for automation of cell culture using standard high throughput equipment.
If you need a small volume closed vessel for sampling, see Marin Scientific OPTI-Tubes for more information.

SeptaVent Spin-Tube Usage Procedure & Packaging

It is recommended that the user swab the surface of the septum with IPA and use a pipette, cannula or syringe to access the container.  It is also recommended that a laminar flow HEPA hood environment be used while accessing the septum.
SeptaVent Spin-Tubes should be used with a custom rack and automated liquid handling platform, or with a robot to cost effectively eliminate the screwing and unscrewing of caps.  This also reduces contamination risk and unnecessary labor costs from OSHA claims due to to RMS (repetitive motion syndrome).
SeptaVent Spin-Tubes are packaged individually or in bulk, either irradiated or non-irradiated.

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SeptaVent Spin-Tube Applications

The SeptaVent Spin-Tube provides premium fluid handling for a wide variety of applications, some of which include:
  • Mini production
  • Cell culture development
  • Culture media optimization
  • Seeding
  • Stem cell separation
  • Hair follicles
  • Automation
  • And many more

SeptaVent Spin-Tube Features

The SeptaVent Spin-Tube cell culture bioreactor provides numerous beneficial features, these include:
  • Enables maintenance of a “closed system” during sample manipulation
  • Hydro-Oleophobic vent filter resists wetting with water or low surface tension fluids
  • Suitable for low pressure, gravity feed or pump transfer of media and cells
  • Optional Filtered Luer available for SeptaVent 50 Plus which allows real time micro-fluidic additions during cell culture
  • All SeptaVent products can be provided irradiated or non-irradiated
  • Available for other single-use containers
  • Caps available separately

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