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A versatile and powerful mixer system for the Research or Process Development lab!

Want a simple, powerful, and scalable sterile mixing solution for your lab but don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an overpriced system?

Get ready to throw away your stirbar because the SmartMixer is what you've been waiting for! The SmartMixer is a robust rotary drive shaft impeller system suitable for almost every mixing application. The available accessories include LDPE liner (20, 50, 100, and 200L liners are available), Polypro mixing tank, and XpressVent containers to store the final product. Whether you want to make chromatography buffers, LB broth, or mammalian cell culture media for your CHO, CHO DG44, and 293 cells, the SmartMixer will work for any mixing application from 20L to 200L.

The SmartMixer is powered by a 1/10 HP motor with adjustable speed. The motor is designed to generate minimal noise and vibration. The drive shaft comes in several lengths to fit the height of your mixing tank of choice. The impeller blade also comes in different styles. The shaft and impeller are made from high quality 316L stainless steel. An adjustable spider clamp is used to mount the drive and shaft assembly on any of our mixing tanks.

The SmartMixer is designed to be used with our single-use LDPE tank liners, which are gamma-irradiated, low-endotoxin, and leachables-free. Simply select the right liner for your mixing tank and add your media or buffer components directly into the liner. We also offer 4L and 10L XpressVent storage containers that can be used to sterilely store your final mixed media or buffer once you pump it out of the tank from the top or through the bottom Quick Disconnect drain port (QDC).

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Buffer preparation, media preparation, and other mixing applications.

  • Single-use LDPE tank liners from 20 to 200L
  • Stainless steel 316 construction
  • 1/10 HP motor adjustable RPM
  • Compatible with XpressVent storage containers
  • Light weight, versatile, and customizable

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